Sunday, January 8, 2012

incoming myst

available next week: blizzard mist noise attack 2012, with...

mist 6 - EGG SAC "LOSE IT" CASS (30 copies)- mail collaboration with Tiger Hatchery
mist 7 - BAD CHESS CASS (28 copies)- puzzling, fragile sounds
mist 8 - DEREK ROGERS "YOU WERE FAMILIAR I REMEMBER" CASS (30 copies)- brand-new full-length tape
mist 9 - MARINARA COOLER "WITHOUT IT, I'M THE SAME" CASS (30 copies)- mail collaboration with Mike Haley

no holds barred, destroy 12, no vanilla wafer fuckers allowed

status people next up: top secret LP, you'll see...

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