Saturday, August 20, 2011

moon mist discography

mist 1 - clear heads "heads '77" double cassette (2xC30), #/30
mist 2 - vanilla host "glass-skinned lord" cassette (c47), edition of 30
mist 3 - sparkling wide pressure "welcome heart of a mystery" 6-song cassette (c60), edition of 50

mist 4 - shades "blue beach ep" 2-song cassette (c20), edition of 30

mist 5 - leeches "voice and vision come no more" cassette (c60), edition of 30

mist 6 - egg sac "lose grip" cassette (c30), edition of 30
mist 7 - bad chess cassette (c60), edition of 28
mist 8 - derek rogers "you were familiar i remember" cassette (c30), edition of 30
mist 9 - marinara cooler "without it, i'm the same" cassette (c30), edition of 30

mist 10 - mossy throats "her fragrant emulsion" lathe-cut lp, #/18
mist 11 - swamp brothel and the speckled bread continuum cassette
mist 12 - metal dungeon "blut knistern" cassette
mist 13 - walter carson "hassle in the castle" cassette
mist 14 - toalety publiczne cassette
mist 15 - andrew coltrane "nuclear survivor" 4-cassette boxed set
mist 16 - paul gunsberg "early squirm" 4-cassette boxed set
mist 17 - major burst cassette

*note: this post will be updated as things happen

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

new moon mist webstore

new moon mist webstore at :

In stock right now we have some final copies of old EXBX releases, Tapes by Holly releases, and 2 Winter Ruby tapes. Most are in very limited quantity!

Holly (of Tapes by Holly) would like me to say that all orders in her queue have been filled and mailed (I was there). The few tapes left over are in our store. All original orders received "Ligaments" as a bonus.

Tons of new stuff on our soundcloud:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

exbx final discography

EXBX-001 Various Untitled (Cass, Comp, Ltd, C30) 2005
EXBX-002 Haunted Castle Untitled (Cass, Ltd) 2004
EXBX-003 Scissor Shock Spread Ebola 3000 (CDr, Mini, Ltd) 2004
EXBX-004 Gang Wizard Why Is There A God? (LP, Ltd) 2006
EXBX-005 Foot Village Fuck The Future (CD, Comp) 2006
EXBX-006 Worm Hands Brains On Froze (Cass, Ltd, C43) 2008
EXBX-007 White Leather W.L. (Cass, Ltd, C44) 2007
EXBX-008 Uneven Universe Weighted Ghost (Cass, Ltd, C20) 2007
EXBX-009 Pure Skull Cranium Drippings (Cass, Ltd, C90) 2007
EXBX-010 Polish Hex Untitled (Cass, Ltd, C40) 2007
EXBX-011 Haunted Castle / Puffy Areolas Inverted Ancients (Cass, Ltd, C90) 2008
EXBX-013 Death By A Thousand Cuts Untitled (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2006
EXBX-014 Uneven Universe / Villa Valley Saint Louis Blues (Cass, Ltd, C34) 2007
EXBX-015 Haunted Castle / Robedoor Failed Grails (2xCass, Ltd, C20) 2005
EXBX-016 Mossy Throats, The Live At Imo's (Cass, Ltd, C36) 2007
EXBX-017 Villa Valley / Oubliette Villa Valley / Oubliette (Cass, Ltd, C57) 2008
EXBX-018 White Leather Teflon Dogs (Cass, Ltd, C44) 2007
EXBX-019 Body Morph Mountain Manglings Vol. 3 (Cass, Ltd, C62)
EXBX-020 Strange Water Sunken By Seaweed (Cass, Ltd, C60) 2008
EXBX-022 Body Morph Mountain Manglings Vol. 1 (Cass, Ltd, C34) 2008
EXBX-023 Mossy Throats, The Wrong Way To Rot (2xCass, Ltd, C60) 2008
EXBX-24 Treetops Spirit Tent (Cass, C30) 2008
EXBX-025 Drenches Spiritual Taint (2xCass, Ltd, C10) 2009
EXBX-26 Fossils Unfroze (Cass, Ltd, C90) 2008
EXBX-26 Fossils & Mold Resin Unfroze / Wooden Brain (2xCass, Ltd, C90) 2008
EXBX-029 Body Morph Rearranged / Faceless (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2008
EXBX-031 Uneven Universe Endless Basement Vol. One (Cass, Ltd) 2008
EXBX-032 Idolatries Metal Bile (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2006
EXBX-033 Mossy Throats, The Wind Wyrm (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2005
EXBX-034 Wasteland Jazz Unit Shadow Flood Shrine (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2008
EXBX-035 Xiphiidae Crystal Marvelous Fruit (2xCass, Ltd, C62) 2009
EXBX-36 Medical Lake Easy Moves Alright (Cass, Ltd, C20) 2008
EXBX-37 Pocahaunted Gold Miner's Daughters (Cass, C30) 2009
EXBX-39 Mike Khoury Two Sides Of Khoury (Cass, Ltd, C47) 2008
EXBX-41 Body Collector Six Gutters (Cass, Ltd, C15) 2008
EXBX-42 Uneven Universe Live Puzzle (Cass, Ltd, C20) 2008
EXBX-44 Chris Riggs* Untitled (Cass, C30) 2009
EXBX-45 Body Morph Bone Alone (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-46 Yeast Curd Barefoot In The Dark (Cass, C46) 2009
EXBX-47 Invasion Status & Pink Chunk* The Listener (Cass, C25) 2009
EXBX-48 Trauma (21) The Calming Effects Of The Ocean Vol. 2 (Cass, C30) 2009
EXBX-49 Sky Limousine Midnight Heat (Cass, C30) 2009
EXBX-051 AC* / Mossy Throats, The Feral Twins (Cass, Ltd, C47) 2008
EXBX-52 Vortex Trio Live Dead (Cass, Ltd, C92) 2008
EXBX-55 Color Dream Darkslide On The Moon (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-056 Concrete Arteries / Polish Hex Facial Spore (Cass, Ltd, C62) 2009
EXBX-58 North Sea, The Electioneering (Cass, Ltd, C22) 2009
EXBX-059 Body Morph Mountain Manglings Vol. 4 (Cass, Ltd, C47) 2009
EXBX-60 Mossy Throats, The Microelectronix (3xCass, Ltd, C47) 2008
EXBX-061 Mold Resin Plays Beyond The Door II (Cass, Ltd) 2009
EXBX-062 Body Morph Mountain Manglings Vol. 5 (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-63 Dogbox Untitled (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-064 Ryan Jacari & Mossy Throats, The Boys Will Be Boys (Cass, Ltd, C47) 2009
EXBX-65 Unknown Artist I'm Melting #1 (Cass, Ltd, C47) 2009
EXBX67 Tyvek Skyin (LP) 2010
EXBX-069 Yam People, The Untitled (Cass, C90)
EXBX-70 Mossy Throats, The Sometimes They Come Back (Box, Ltd + 2xCass, C47 + CDr) 2009
EXBX-71 Body Morph Mountain Manglings Collection (Box, Comp, Ltd + 6xCass) 2009
EXBX-072 Body Morph Centipedes (Cass, Ltd, C47) 2009
EXBX-073 Mossy Throats* Cold Lunch (Cass, Ltd, C47) 2009
EXBX-074 Dream Safari Buried Mics (Cass, Ltd, C40) 2009
EXBX-075 Sparkling Wide Pressure Insider Gazing (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-76 Tyvek Live On Cass(ette) (Cass, C26) 2009
EXBX-077 Body Collector Acidic Maze (Cass, Ltd, C40) 2009
EXBX-78 Mossy Throats, The / Body Collector Modern Punk Teaches Communism (Cass, Ltd, C77) 2009
EXBX-079 Mold Resin Plays Street Form (Cass, Ltd, C47) 2009
EXBX-80 Uneven Universe Hideous Cosmic Anatomy (2xCass) 2009
EXBX-81 Various Weird Stuff Vol. 1 (Cass, Comp, Ltd, C92) 2009
EXBX-82 Mossy Throats, The Child Of Bile (Cass, Ltd, C62) 2009
EXBX-083 God Willing / Uneven Universe Friday The 13th (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-84 Goldberg* And Universe, The* Goldberg And The Universe (Cass, Ltd, C47) 2009
EXBX-85 Human Compost Foam Predator (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-86 Birmingham Drains Mutator Beach (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-087 Uneven Universe Live At Cosmic Beach (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-089 God Willing Lebanese Vacation (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-90 Throat Boggle Double Brain Scan (Cass, Ltd, C60) 2009
EXBX-091 Body Morph Pretty Ugly (2xCass, Ltd, C23) 2009
EXBX-092 Uneven Universe Endless Basement Vol.2 (Cass, Ltd) 2009
EXBX-93 Feminine Toner More Relaxed (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-94 Various Weird Stuff Vol. 2 (Cass, Comp, Ltd, C92) 2009
EXBX-95 Ophibre / Rambutan Split (Cass, Ltd, C47) 2009
EXBX-096 Andrew Coltrane Systems And Their Self-Organization (Cass, Ltd, C40) 2009
EXBX-097 Jon Rich / Body Morph Enjoyable Saxophone Music By... (Cass, Ltd) 2009
EXBX-98 Conch Electronics Surfer (2xCass, Ltd, C92) 2009
EXBX-99 Enfer Boréal / Mossy Throats* Untitled (Cass, Ltd, C47) 2009
EXBX-101 Yuko x Chino White Magick For Blackk People (Cass, Ltd, C43) 2009
EXBX-102 Uneven Universe Universal Abscess (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-103 Mossy Throats, The D.N.A. Mismatch (Cass, Ltd, C45) 2009
EXBX-104 Bermuda Link Exit (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-105 Particle Magazine Swallowing Communication (Cass, Ltd) 2009
EXBX-106 Mossy Throats* Microbe Shower (3xCass) 2009
EXBX-107 Mossy Throats* An Interior Of Liquid Metallic Hydrogen (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-108 Weirdo (5) / Particle Magazine Split (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-109 Particle Magazine Sister Chromatids (Cass, Ltd) 2009
EXBX-110 Facial Spore Disorientation Time (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-111 White Leather Kitten With A Whip (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-112 Body Morph / Mossy Throats* Live Growth (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-113 Body Morph White Jazz Bullshit ◄ (2 versions) 2009
EXBX-114 Gitche-Anahmi-Bezheu / Body Morph Split (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2009
EXBX-115 Leeches No Sympathy (Cass, Ltd, C40) 2009
EXBX-117 Particle Magazine / Hollow Man Split (Cass, Ltd, C40) 2009
EXBX-118 White Morph Let Me Into The Square (Cass, Ltd) 2009
EXBX-120 Mossy Throats* Halcyon Tubes (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2010
EXBX-121 Uneven Universe Vidicon System (Cass, Ltd, C90) 2010
EXBX-122 Various Weird Stuff Vol. 3 (Cass, Ltd, Comp, C90) 2010
EXBX-123 White Boss Disvalley Krimynalne (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2010
EXBX-124 Dog Lady / Mossy Throats* / Nehal Shah / Pure Skull Untitled (2xCass, Ltd, C47) 2010
EXBX-125 Body Morph Sensorium Connect (Cass, Ltd, C60) 2010
EXBX-126 Sacred Space Untitled (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2010
EXBX-128 Hellfire Holly Hot Dish (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2010
EXBX-131 Body Morph Muted Me (Cass, Ltd, C20) 2010
EXBX-132 Starfox (3) Untitled ◄ (2 versions) 2010
EXBX-133 Criminals (4) Wistful Chubby Genius (Cass, Ltd, C30) 2010
EXBX-999 A Wish for Stress (Cass, Ltd, C92) 2011

*note: this is the final exbx discography according to, which is based on user entered data. some dates and information may be off, some releases may not be listed...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

gentleman's 10 cass


GR172: V/A - Gentleman’s 10 C60 cassette

Collection of my favorite Michigan jammers. Studio tracks and live bootleg recordings. Lots of varied styles. Includes tracks by:

Bardzo Paradiso (Daniel Dlugosielski of Body Morph, Mossy Throats, etc. Weirdo guitar stylings.
Precious Trombley
Mall Mutants
David Lincoln, American Composer (Andrew Fenlon)
Cold Turkey
Lidless Eye
Jon Browning
National Memory Day (Olzone)
Mind War (Knox + AC + Tarpit)

$6.00 USA, $8.00 elsewhere. Paypal to

Saturday, August 13, 2011

bizarre not bananas


tons of other great tapes for download on this blag, too!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

public happenings


"a wish for stress" tape (c90) exbx-999
mossy throats, "monthly face" tape (c90) tapes by holly
clear heads double tape (cassette collaboration with a.c.) mist 1
vanilla host, "glass-skinned lord" tape (cassette collaboration with j. astin) mist 2

new work soon available

sparkling wide pressure, "welcome heart of a mystery" 6-song tape mist 3
shades, "blue beach ep" tape mist 4
leeches, "voice and vision come no more" tape (c60) mist 5
body morph, "live with the hamtramck philharmonic symphony" tape itdn group
uneven universe, "microrgasmic" tape (c30) tapes by holly

write for a list of current items... anytime -